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Rotary Limit Switches

Duff Norton Rotary Limit Switch B6000 – Features

Switches rated 15 amps, 125-277 VAC; ½ amp 125 VDC; ¼ amp, 250 VDC.

Suits all Duff Norton 2 Ton and larger capacity screw jacks and ball screw actuators.

Three available ratios to serve different travel requirements, while optimizing repeatability.

Sturdy and compact,corrosion resistant aluminum housing and cover. Meets NEMA-4 (IP65) protection requirements.

Simple adjustment is made via slotted traveling nuts provides precise adjustment.Two switches, one for up/stop and one for down/stop.

Operating temperature range -28° to + 65°C.

Lifetime lubricated with synthetic grease.

Can be mounted on right or left extension of actuator worm shaft in any of four quadrants.

Optional 4-position limit switch available or for hazardous locations. Consult Duff Norton Australia.