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AC Motor Controls

Duff Norton offers constant speed AC Motor Control Systems for machine screw jacks and ball screw actuators. These new control systems provide the option of jogging-inching, or maintained operation, when specified as part of a Duff-Norton Linear Positioning System.

Numerous options are available including short circuit protection, pilot lamps, illuminated push buttons, and loose limit switches, as well as single and three phase power up to 575 VAC. Contact Duff-Norton Australia for all your special control applications needs.

For application analysis form, see front of guide. Assembled with UL and CE listed components.

Duff Norton Jogging – Inching Controls

Duff-Norton Jogging-Inching AC Motor Controls provide simple operation and reliable service. The operator must hold the push button down to activate motion in a direction, and release the push button to stop motion. If the end of travel limit switch is activated while in operation, the system stops automatically.

Optional fused short circuit protection.