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Positioning Controls

Duff Norton offers positioning and readout solutions to suit the most difficult applications including dirty and harsh environments.

Potentiometer/ Transducers

The Duff-Norton SKA6200T Series Position Feedback Potentiometer/Transducer is designed to mount on the end of any SKA6000T limit switch. Its active component is a precision potentiometer which may be used as voltage divider to provide a feedback voltage that is proportional to actuator position.

Digital Position Indicators for Duff Norton Potentiometers

The Duff-Norton model SK6300-4K Digital Position Indicator processes a feedback signal from a the SK6200T series potentiometer to provide position readout with user selectable scaling factor. By running the actuator to two positions in its stroke and keying in the desired readout at each point, the indicator automatically scales the input signal to provide linear readout over the full travel of the actuator.

The SK6300-4K has a universal, 85-250 VAC power input and generates a regulated 24 VDC excitation signal to the potentiometer. The SK6300-4K operates seamlessly with any potentiometer equipped Duff-Norton actuator.

Worm Shaft Encoders

The Duff-Norton Digital Encoder and Digital Display is a more advanced way to determine an actuator’s position. A digital encoder can be used to provide an extremely precise position signal to devices such as the Duff-Norton SK10006-35 digital display or 3rd party PLC’s.

Duff-Norton uses two styles of incremental encoders, with the type used depending on the layout of the actuator. When one end of the actuator worm shaft is accessible, a Hollow Bore style of encoder is used, mounted on the worm. When the worm is not accessible, and the actuator is using a flange-mounted motor, a Ring Kit style encoder can be fitted on the drive motor

Programmable Digital Position Indicator for Duff Norton Encoders

– Five digit input scaling with 0.0000 to +/- 5.0000, programmable decimal point location and lead zero blanking
– Two adjustable up/down output limits with 0 to +/- 999999.
– Non-volatile E2-PROM Memory retains all programmed information and count value in event of
power interruption.
– Input power requirement is 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
– Can be provided with optional 20 ma. current loop to provide capability of 2-way digital
– On-line self-test permits complete check of all functions and reset capability allows reset to zero
from front panel.
– Compact, die cast NEMA 4 rated front panel has six digit LED display with 0.56″ high characters
and negative sign (-). Display convertible to English, metric or other units of measurement.
– Field Programmable front panel functions may be locked out to prevent unauthorized adjustment.
– For use in precision positioning applications with Duff-Norton 2 ton and larger machine or ball screw


Magnetostrictive Position Sensor

Duff-Norton offers Magnetostrictive Position Sensors for machine and
ball screw actuators. These sensors offer analog or digital outputs, and
can be used for accurate position indication or with a PLC in a closed
loop control system. Magnetostrictive position sensors are
non-contacting, resulting in longer life than other linear transducers
or potentiometers.

Due to the fact that the magnet senses actual screw displacement,
position indication is absolute and unaffected by gearset backlash

Rotary Counters

The Duff-Norton Rotary Counter is for actuator customers who are looking for a more economical and easy way to determine an actuator’s position. Our counters have been design to match our most common actuator ratios. An operator viewing the reading in the display window will know his actuator’s exact position because the counter’s display shows stroke to the nearest 1000ths of an inch up to 99 inches of travel. Custom numeric displays are also available.

Key Features;

– Display readings have been pre-matched to the actuator’s ratios.

– Display reading has been extended to the nearest 1000ths of an inch.

– Clockwise and counter clockwise models available.

– Easy mounting kits available for installation to existing field actuators.