Duff Norton Rotary Unions or Rotating Unions are devices used to provide a rotating seal for transfer of fluids and gases from from a stationary inlet to rotating equipment often under high pressure. Duff Norton specializes in the design, manufacture & integration of rotary unions & swivel joints for today’s industry.

Years of service in tough field applications prove these rotating joints give long service and minimise production downtime.

Duff Norton manufactures Rotary Unions, rotary joints, rotating joints and swivels in 32 different series for pressures ranging up to 10,000 psi and speeds up to 5000 RPM. Sizes range from 1/8″ to 12″ nominal pipe sizes in single and dual flow designs including multi-port hydraulic models .In most styles, optically flat seal faces and ball bearings reduce torque and friction drag.

At Duff Norton Australia we offer a full line of standard products for a wide variety of applications including – dryer drums, cooling rolls, extruders, calendars, laminators, press rolls, embossers, winders and similar applications.

Custom engineered models are available by special order.