Duff-Norton has been manufacturing acme screws and ball screws and nuts for actuator products for decades. Those years of experience are now being applied to bring you a large range of screws and nuts to meet your linear motion applications and requirements.

Acme Screw Systems offer;

  • Centralizing Class Acme Screws are used extensively for feed screws. The limited clearance enables a bearing at the major diameter to maintain alignment of the thread axis preventing wedging on the flanks and part sagging.
  • Excellent Lead Accuracy
  • Smooth Finish

Ball Screw Systems offer;

  • Excellent Load Ratings
  • 90% Efficient for low power requirements
  • Long and predictable life ratings
  • Excellent Lead Accuracy

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Key Features & Benefits Duff-Norton has been manufacturing Acme screws and nuts for actuator products for decades…


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