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    Bevel Gearboxes

    Power transmission systems frequently use multiple screw jack arrangements. Such systems commonly use bevel gearboxes to effectively position and equally distribute loads. As the bevel boxes are supplied with 1:1 gear ratios as standard, all motion is synchronous upon system actuation through the main drive shaft.

    Duff Norton bevel gearboxes feature a compact design, which eliminates the need for an extended hub. With this design feature the bevel gear is supported by tapered roller bearings on both sides. The result is a higher horsepower rating, increased service-life, improved lubrication, and more flexible mounting compared to other brands.

    – 98% average efficiency ratings
    – Carburized and case hardened bevel gears
    – Alloy steel input/output shafts for greater strength
    – Anti-friction bearings on all shafts
    – MB-4 and MB-7 models come with lifetime lubrication, stainless steel shafts and aluminum housings

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    • Technical Information

      Type: Bevel Gearbox,
      Configuration: 3-Way 4-Way 90 Degree,
      Ratio: 1/1 Std 2/1 Optional,
      Size: 0.375″-1.375″ Shaft Diameter