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    Rotary Unions for Water Applications – DWA Series

    Rotary Union for Water Applications

    Applications for rotary union or joints for water are many and varied with typical applications being heating and cooling process rolls, rubber mixers, embossing rolls and calendars.

    Applications/ Industries

    Heating & Cooling Rolls, Mixers, Calendars, Plastics, Rubber, Flexible Packaging, Rubber.

    Product Features

    Silicon carbide / carbon graphite seal faces for long service life
    Short dry run capability for initial machine start up

    Non – Corrosive

    Combining an Aluminium body with Stainless Steel shaft creates a light weight rotary union with great corrosion resistance..

    No Maintenance

    High precision ball bearings
    Internal bearing protection and vented body prevents lubricant washout
    No maintenance required

    Configurations Available

    Mono flow and dual flow models available for stationary or rotating siphon pipes

    • Technical Data Sheet
    • 2D & 3D Models
    • Technical Information

      Size: 1/2″ -2″ NPT BSP BSPP
      Media: Water
      Pressure:  Up to 200PSI
      Speed: 1750 Rpm 1750 – 3500Rpm (Reduce Press by 20%)
      Temp: 70 Deg C 100 Deg C-(Reduce Press Rating 15%)
      Material: Stainless Steel Shaft Aluminium Body