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    9000G Series High Temperature Rotary Unions

    Superior Sealing Performance

    Bellows Sealing System provides superior sealing performance throughout the wear life of the Rotary Union.

    Designed For Dirty Media Applications

    Debris in contaminated media will not be captured in the Bellows Sealing System, which reduces clogging.

    Maintenance Free

    The 9000G is maintenance free because there is no rolling element bearing, therefore no lubrication is required.

    Ideal for High Temperature Applications

    Offers the same design as the standard 9000 Series, but utilizes carbon graphite bearings for high temperature applications.

    The thrust collar allows for thermal expansion, making this an ideal union for high temperature, general purpose applications.

    Flanged Mounted

    Available upon application.

    • Technical Data Sheet
    • 2D & 3D Models
    • Technical Information

      Size: 1/4″ to 3″ BSP NPT & Flanged,
      Media: Steam Hot Oil Water,
      Pressure: 250PSI Water 150PSI Steam 100PSI Hot Oil,
      Speed: 700Rpm NPT ,
      Temp: 175 Deg Steam 200 Deg C Hot Oil 150 Deg C Water,
      Material: Cast Iron Housing Stainless Steel Sleeve,
      Configuration: Mono & Dual Flow