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Multi Port Rotary Unions – HPMC/HSMC Series

Multi Port Rotary Union – High Pressure Or High Speed Applications

Duff-Norton multi-port Rotary Unions are available in both high pressure (HPMC Series) and high speed (HSMC Series) configurations.

Pressures Up To 5,880 psi and 8 Ports

HPMC Series Multi Port Rotary Unions are designed for higher pressure, available with up to eight ports as standard and are suitable for use in low speed applications for pressures up to 5,880 psi.

Available Up To 4 Ports

HSMC Series Rotary Unions are available with up to 4 ports as standard.

Speeds Up To 3,000 RPM

HSMC Series is perfect for low pressure applications, up to 175 psi with rotational speeds up to 3,000 rpm.

No Cross Contamination

Feel free to run dissimilar fluids through the Duff-Norton Multi-Port Rotary Unions as each port is always individually sealed eliminating cross contamination between circuits.

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  • Technical Information

    Size:1/8″ to 1 1/4″ NPT BSP,
    Media: Hydraulic Fluid Water Air,
    Pressure:5880 PSI (HPMC) 170 PSI (HSMC),
    Speed:180Rpm (HPMC) 3000Rpm (HSMC),
    Temp:120 Deg C,
    Material: Nickel Plated Stainless Steel,
    Configuration: 90 Degrees