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Linear Actuators LS Series (2000-3000N)

Linear Actuator –  LS Series Features & Benefits

  • Loading: tension (pull) or compression (push) at rated load
  • AC motor thermal protection to prevent over heating electromechanical linear actuator
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Onboard capacitor for AC models
  • Die cast aluminum housing for strength
  • Steel translating tube and outer tube
  • Self locking acme screw to prevent back driving
  • CE compliant and UL recognized
  • Custom models available
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 2D & 3D Models
  • Technical Information

    Load Capacity: 2000N – 3000N,
    Voltage: 12VDC & 115VAC,
    Stroke: 100mm – 610mm ,
    Speed: 3.8-6.6mm/sec
    Limit Switches: Adjustable