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Cubic Screw Jacks

Features & Benefits

-Versatile Mounting – Unit can be mounted upright or inverted

-Acme and Ball Screw models are available

-Translating screw (type 1) and rotating screw (type 2) models are available

-Clean surface – ideal for dirty environments.

-Contemporary design for improved aesthetics

-German Engineering



-Capacities from 2.5 kN to 100 kN

-Speeds up to 1,800 RPM

-Operating Temperature: 0°C up to 50°C

-Trapezoidal Screw models are standard

-Translating screw (type 1) and rotating screw (type 2) models available in all capacities



-Top plate, threaded end, male clevis and female clevis screw ends available.

-Ball Screw is optional.

-Bellows Boots.

-Hand wheel for manual operation.

-Shaft encoder.

-Trunnion mount.

-Electrical Limit Switch.

-Anti-rotation device (translating screw) using a square cover pipe and square screw end.