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Continuous Duty Cycle Actuators

25 Configured Models Available

Upright or inverted translating screw, rotating screw available and double clevis.

Maximum Load Capacities range from 3,500 to 27,000 pounds. Rated Load Capacities (load at which actuator life is 1,000 hours) range from 2,000 to 13,000 pounds.

Available with Motor Adaptors and Reducers

High Mechanical Efficiency

The unit’s mechanical efficiency (as high as 70%) is due to the heat treated ball bearing screw and mating nut, hardened and ground alloy steel worm, wear resistant bronze worm gear and oil bath lubrication. Worm gearing meets AGMA Standards. Less Power Required – Efficient design needs less power for given thrust; cuts power requirements.

High Thermal Efficiency

The continuous duty cycle actuator units have high thermal efficiency (100% on-time at rated loads and at least 33% on-time at maximum loads) Sand-cast aluminum housings for added heat dissipation.

High Speed

Designed to run at a worm speed of 1750 rpm fully loaded. Higher speeds possible with less than capacity loads. Screw speed up to 120 inches per minute.

High reliability

No pumps, hoses or valves required. Can be synchronized for multiple usage.