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Ball Screw Actuators

Capacities from 1/2 to 50 tons

Duff-Norton Ball Screw actuators provide high efficiency and high speed in one linear positioning package. The positive action of the low friction ball screw and nut design provides longer life at load and requires less power to achieve a specified thrust. Ball screw actuators can be used individually, in tandem or as part of a larger mechanical system. Duff-Norton ball screw actuators are available in two types: translating
screw and rotating screw, each available with either upright or
inverted screw. In the translating screw type, the ball nut is fixed to a
rotating gear within the housing, and the lifting screw moves up and
down through the nut. In the rotating screw type, the screw is fixed to
the rotating gear, and the ball nut travels up and down the screw. With lifts up to 20 feet, Duff-Norton Ball Screw actuators offer the perfect solution to many linear positioning applications.

  • Anti-Rotation Models available – contact our customer service personnel for more information
  • Move loads and apply force more efficiently than other mechanical actuators
  • Require less power by providing positive mechanical action
  • Permit faster operation and longer life under load
  • Long predictable ball screw and ball nut life
  • Handles full load in tension or compression

For select 75 ton or 100 ton applications, Duff-Norton does have the
ability to provide ball screw actuators as well. Please contact Duff Norton Australia for more details.