Rotary Limit Switches

Duff Norton Rotary Limit Switch - Features

• Available in two control voltage ratings: 250 or 480VAC, and in three gear ratios.

• Can be used in applications where there is a need to control equipment that rotates and/or reverses.

• Sturdy and compact. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, with housing of black anodized
  aluminium. Meets NEMA-4 (IP65) water tightness requirements.

• Simple to adjust. Two switches, one for up/stop and one for down/stop, are activated by the
  adjustable limit-switch nuts which travel laterally when the internal screw is rotated through gear

• Operating temperature range -28° to + 65°C.

• Lifetime lubricated.

• Can be mounted on right or left extension of actuator worm shaft in any of four quadrants.

• Optional 4-position limit switch available. Consult Duff Norton Australia for dimensions.