Duff Norton provides three types of couplings which have been specifically matched for ease of installation to actuators.

Jaw Couplings

• Integrate well with Duff-Norton smaller capacity actuators
• Do not require lubrication
• Our Hytrel® spiders provide 2x the torque capability vs. a standard urethane or BUNA® spider
• Easy fit onto the actuators worm shaft

Chain Couplings

• Integrate well with Duff-Norton mid and larger capacity actuators
• High torque capacities
• Standard ANSI dimensions, straight bore diameters
• Common bore diameters readily available
• Special bore diameters may be custom ordered
• Long service life
• Easy fit onto the actuator’s worm shaft
• Allows for incremental system adjustments

Gear Couplings

• Give great strength under load due to compact design and construction.
• Allow for incremental system adjustment.
• Long service life
• High torque capacities

Duff  Norton Australia can assist you in making the best selection for your particular application.