Rotary Unions Steam and Hot Oil 8000 Series


Size: 1/2" to 4" BSP ISO228 NPT
Media: Steam Hot Oil
Pressure: 175PSI Steam 100PSI Hot Oil
Speed:600 Rpm
Temp:232 Deg C Steam 315 Deg C Hot Oil
Material: Cast Iron Housing SS Sleeve Nickel plated Steel Shaft
Configuration: 90 Degrees Mono & Dual Flow

Ideal For Steam Applications

Designed for operation in a variety of steam applications.


An anti-torque lug prevents rotation of the housing while in operation.

No Lubrication Needed

The special carbon graphite bearing is lubricated by the process fluid and requires no additional lubrication.

Hot Oil Applications

8000HO offers the same design features as the standard 8000 Series but with a special high temperature seal ring for hot oil rotary union applications.

Stainless Steel Insert

The stainless steel housing insert in the 8000T Series makes this joint a favorite in the textile industry.