Powered Actuators

All actuators require an external power source. Whether this power source be an electric motor or hand wheel Duff-Norton has the required component. Customers who choose to power their actuators with an electric motor may do so by connecting the motor to the actuator via a C-face adapter, right angle gear reducer, or by remotely connecting the motor and actuator worm shaft with a coupling and connecting shaft.

Some customers opt to manually power their actuators. In those cases hand wheels are usually the preferred drive component.

Gear Reducer Driven

Duff-Norton provides customers with the most comprehensive and easily implemented motorized gear reducer assortment. For the first time customers can easily select the gear reducer model best suited for their application.

• Available on 2 ton through 50 ton, machine screw or ball screw actuators
• Largest selection of gear reducer ratios available
• Easy mounting simplifies installation, eliminates drive alignment problems
• Field retrofit possible on most existing non-motorized models
• Modular assembly allows many different arrangements. Most models can have parts repositioned in
  the field to solve clearance problems
• Properly sized motor and gear reducer mounted directly to side of actuator
• One motorized actuator can shaft drive one or more additional actuators
• Reducer’s aluminum and finned housings yield better cooling properties
• Eliminates exposed shafts and couplings; no need to design and source shafts or couplings
• 1725 rpm, 230/460 volt, 3 phase TEFC motors standard. Other voltages and special motor features