Ball Screws & Nuts


Sizes: 1/2" to 4"
Quality: Precision Rolled & Heat Treated.
Options: Single & Double Start Leads

Product Information

Key Features & Benefits

Duff-Norton has been manufacturing Acme screws and nuts for actuator products for decades and is now applying those years of experience to bring you an expanded assortment of Acme screws and nuts for your application requirements.


Excellent load ratings; Over 90% efficient with low torque and power requirements. Long and predictable life ratings.


Excellent quality, all ball screws are precision rolled, heat treated, inspected and then manganese phosphate or black oxide coated. Good lead accuracy.


Good deliveries on most popular sizes.

Broad Assortment

We offer a very broad assortment of ball diameters and leads.

System Integration

Duff-Norton can provide you with an entire screw and nut system: mounting components, drive components, controls, and protective coverings.