Cubic Screw Jacks

Features & Benefits

•Versatile Mounting - Unit can be mounted upright or inverted   

•Acme and Ball Screw models are available   

•Translating screw (type 1) and rotating screw (type 2) models are available   

•Clean surface - ideal for dirty environments.   

•Contemporary design for improved aesthetics   

•German Engineering



•Capacities from 2.5 kN to 100 kN       

•Speeds up to 1,800 RPM       

•Operating Temperature: 0°C up to 50°C       

•Trapezoidal Screw models are standard       

•Translating screw (type 1) and rotating screw (type 2) models available in all capacities



•Top plate, threaded end, male clevis and female clevis screw ends available.       

•Ball Screw is optional.       

•Bellows Boots.       

•Hand wheel for manual operation.       

•Shaft encoder.       

•Trunnion mount.       

•Electrical Limit Switch.       

•Anti-rotation device (translating screw) using a square cover pipe and square screw end.