2000 Series Shock and Vibration Resistant Rotary Unions


Size: 2" to 4" ASA Flange
Media: Water Hot Oil Air
Pressure:150PSI Water 100PSI Hot Oil & Air
Speed:500 Rpm
Temp:190 Deg C Water 288 Deg Hot Oil
Material: Cast Iron Steel Shaft
Configuration: 90 Degrees Mono & Dual Flow

Heavy Duty Design

Designed with two ball bearings spaced to withstand radial and thrust loads.

No Leakage In Tough Applications

Compression springs in the 2000 Series provide even loading across the seal surfaces to maintain zero leakage even in low pressure applications.

Easy Maintenance

Designed with an integral flange that allows repairs without removing the housing from the machine.

Easy Mounting

The flange attaches directly to the machine journal, providing inherently concentric mounting, minimizing overhang, and partially relieving bearing load to increase service life.