Rotary Unions - 9000 Series General Purpose


Size: 1/4" to 5" BSP NPT & Flanged
Media: Water Steam Hot Oil Steam
Pressure:250PSI Water 150PSI Steam 100PSI Hot Oil
Speed:700Rpm NPT
Temp:150 Deg C Water 175 Deg Steam 200 Deg C Hot Oil
Material: Cast Iron
Configuration: 90 Degrees Mono & Dual Flow

Advanced Sealing System

The Bellows sealing system provides superior sealing performance throughout the life of the wear life of the Rotary Union. This Rotary Union  is also suitable for Vacuum applications.

Superior Alignment

Dual bearings are available in all sizes above 1 1/4" to provide superior alignment.

Resists Debris Build-Up

Debris in contaminated media will not be captured in the Bellows sealing system which reduces drag.

Flange Mount Units are available.