Rotary Unions - 5000 Series General Purpose Stainless Steel


Size: 1/4" to 2" BSP BSPP NPT & Machine Thread
Media: Water Steam Hot Oil Steam
Pressure:750PSI Water 120PSI Steam 100PSI Hot Oil 300PSI Air
Speed:1000 Rpm BSP NPT 3000 Rpm Machine Thread
Temp:150 Deg C Water 175 Deg Steam 200 Deg C Hot Oil
Material: 300 Stainless Steel
Configuration: 90 Degrees Mono & Dual Flow

Corrosion Resistant

5000 Series stainless steel construction for superior corrosion resistance.

Long Service Life 

Two precision bearing keep seals faces perfectly aligned to extend the life of the 5000 Series Rotary Union.

Balanced Mechanical Seal Design

The balanced seal design of the 5000 series allows for optimal operation with a wide variety of media.

Dual Flow Option

With the addition of an elbow the 5000 series can easily become a dual flow Rotary Union.