System Components

Jack Systems Components

Duff Norton Australia offers all of the components necessary to complete your linear motion system, whether it consists of a single screw jack or multiple ball screw jack arrangements. We offer a complete line of accessories to interconnect two or more screw jack systems and provide permanent synchronization. Duff Norton Australia  can specify shafts, couplings, end blocks, pillow blocks, and right-angle bevel gearboxes to accommodate any layout. Bellows boots to protect screws from dirt and other contaminates are available for all systems, to increase life and reduce maintenance requirements.

The following pages outline the basic selection of power transmission components that can be utilized to assemble a system. The tables match the parts to their respective actuator sizes to assist selection.

Duff Norton Australia can provide your entire actuator system components allowing you to consolidate all your needs on one purchase order, reducing time spent sourcing, pricing, and receiving parts.  Duff-Norton’s extensive experience in actuator systems can provide you with suggestions for the most economical and reliable method to complete your lifting system.

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Bevel Gearboxes

Bevel gearbox use in multiple screw jack arrangements provide an effective and efficient way of synchronizing all units in the drive system. Bevel gearbox units from Duff Norton offer high horsepower ratings, increased service-life, improved lubrication, and more flexible mounting compared to other brands.


Couplings for screw jacks and ball screw actuators are offered by Duff Norton in three main types - Jaw Couplings, Chain Couplings & Safety Sleeve type Gear Couplings. These have been specifically matched to suit ease of mounting and reliable operation for Duff Norton screw jack and linear actuator systems.

Connecting Shafts

Screw Jack connecting shafts supplied by Duff Norton Australia are manufactured from cold drawn bar that is turned, ground and polished to ensure smooth rotation. This eliminates problems often associated with standard steel shafts generating a whipping effect and working their way loose during operation.

Bellows Boots

Bellows Boots for screw jack and ball screw applications is possibly one of the most significant items that is commonly overlooked when purchasing linear actuator systems. Duff Norton Australia highly recommends the use of Bellows Boots to protect your expensive capital equipment from the harms of dirt and dust ingress and corrosive atmospheres.